If future humans (or post-humans) ever live in completely virtual worlds, what would their lives look like? The VR project False Mirror attempts to answer this by simply beginning to construct those worlds. False Mirror is a new and ongoing research project expanding floor after floor to create an infinite virtual city.


‘nerd_funk’ is a digital identity existing on Instagram, following the contemporary digital culture. In this Chapter based VR Installation, Users will explore the new reality that emerged out of social media.

Sacred Hill

Sacred Hill explores and broadens our human imagination by finding correlations between space, perception, the human body and its senses, and superhuman experiences. It’s an interactive installation including a virtual reality experience and a live (multi-sensory) performance.

DeathTolls Experience

A data experience in virtual reality that aims to re-sensitize the user to the casualties of the terrorist attacks in Europe, refugee deaths in the Mediterranean Sea, and the human cost of the Syrian civil war. The project challenges the lack of concern that results from the frequency of such news on the mass media. By walking the user through hundreds of thousands of dead bodies in photorealistic CGI scenes.

Snow VR

Collaboration with fellow artist, Ash Koosha. The London-based composer and producer, who released his Ninja Tune debut I AKA I to critical acclaim in 2016, he crafts mind-bending electronic music by squeezing, stretching, distorting and moulding his own field recordings into powerful sonic movements. SNOW VR, transformed Koosha’s compositions into an immersive virtual-reality experience.


A Journey through an unknown dynamic inter-connected metaverse.

Re-creation of Magritte's Paintings

A virtual house based on 5 different surreal paintings from Rene Magritte.