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September 18, 2015
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November 10, 2016
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Recept – Early Concept


‘Recept’ is an Operating System that lets you experience, explore, and perceive a hyper reality with your new post-human body. Recept is representative of both fiction and the very boring non-fiction side of our reality.

Research & Development
This project is a work in progress. More details and Videos will be uploaded as soon as It got shaped in a more representable state.
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The Creators Project

Around Your Screen 

Concept Video
Here’s a Demo video of my early Prototype made in late 2015. Its a quick journey through an unknown dynamic metaverse. It’s the result of 6 months of iterations and lots of contents haven’t included in the video. at the beginning you hear a voiceover that tells : “we removed your knowledge base!” and as you see further it’s an attempt to perceive an unknown reality with a zero knowledge… So the Nefertiti’s statue in a reality may not refer to Nefertiti as we already know.

Note: This video does not represent the output or the final structure of the project.