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January 10, 2014
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Tracing Mouse Movements

I wrote down a Processing sketch to trace mouse movements of User over time in the background, Traces are Lines that their color changes in specific Interval  (in this case 30 seconds). I made different color palettes to get various outputs. Also Added a function to save output image every 3 seconds.
    I’ve just tried it in my own Laptop, and these results are based on my own experience. based on my usage and the outputs I’ve reached some conclusions about these patterns :
  1. The result depends on User’s activity during the process.
  2. Using Mouse or Touchpad gives completely different forms.
  3. Results also highly depend on Operating System (in my case its Windows 8).
  4. I’ve noticed some areas of the screen have never reached by Mouse during the experiment.
  5. For me Most of the times my mouse stays around the Center of the screen, Maybe it’s my habit to put it there.

Download The Processing App Here : (Windows Only)

Download Here

Featured at The Creators Project

Note: This version of app saves outputs every 3 seconds to /outputs folder , use it carefully (size gets huge over time!)

Note 2: Install Java Run-time if you haven’t Already … then unZip the .RAR file and simply run Mouse_Data_Viz.bat,  just minimize the window and use for as much as you like.

to Save the output press ‘S’ on the App window and the Image would be saved in the root folder.

You can access the source of the processing sketch in the Source folder.

Feel free to share your outputs with me too:D