Virtual Reality Artist
Ali Eslami (1991) is a VR Artist and practitioner from Iran based in Amsterdam. He has been working with VR technology since 2014. Develops and designs Interactive VR Experiences to explore new pathways in this emerging medium. Further than that, re-imagine and construct possible futures through the speculative design of virtual space, time and bodies.
His realities span between fiction and non-fiction to reflect his practice-led research in VR. Besides content production, Ali is active in running VR Masterclasses and workshops.

He has self-taught 3D for Architectural Viz since 2005 and further expanded his focus to other fields like creative coding, data-viz, 3D art, and programming.
In 2016, His VR project won the IDFA DocLab Award for “Best Immersive non-fiction”.

Selected Exhibitions

False Mirror, IDFA Doclab Spotlight, Amsterdam, Nov 2018
Snow VR, WOW Masquarade 24H West, Amsterdam, Oct 2018
DeathTolls Experience, War on Screen Festival, London, Sep 2018
DeathTolls Experience, Global Health Film Festival London, Dec 2017
DeathTolls Experience, Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Oct 2017
DeathTolls Experience, Bergen Film Festival, Sep 2017
DeathTolls Experience, Docmontevideo Uruguay, Aug 2017
DeathTolls Experience, GetxoPhoto Festival, Spain, Aug 2017
DeathTolls Experience, Paris Virtual Film Festival, July 2017
SnowVR, IndieCade Showcase at E3 Expo, June 2017
DeathTolls Experience, Sheffield DocFest, June 2017
DeathTolls Experience, Kaleidoscope VR Showcase Vol 2, April 2017
DeathTolls Experience, SXSW Virtual Cinema, March 2017
DeathTolls Experience, IDFA Festival, November 2016 (Best Immersive Nonfiction Award)
SnowVR, Mutek Montreal VR Salon,November 2016
DeathTolls Experience, Dutch Design Week, October 2016
SnowVR, TodaysArt Festival, September 2016
Temp-illusion AudioVisual Performance, Tadaex Festival, October 2010

Selected Talks/Conferences/Workshops:

Speculative Design VR Workshop, Master of Digital Design at HVA, Amsterdam, Dec 2018
VR workshop, Tumo center for creative technologies, Yerevan, Nov 2017
Why Virtual Reality?! Roundtable, Forum Des Images, Paris, July 2017
SnowVR, Lumen Prize Longlist 2017
VR Symposium QA, Royal College of Arts, London, June 2017
Join The Resistance Panel, Sheffield DocFest, June 2017
VR Production Workflow Workshop, Tehran ACM Siggraph, March 2017
VR Workshop (3 Days), Artez University, December 2016
Interactive Conference Talk, IDFA Doclab, November 2016
Advanced VR Development and Design, Workshop at Dutch Design Week, October 2016
VR as new Medium, Workshop at Dutch Design Week, October 2016
Age Of Wonderland, Artist Residency, Eindhoven, October 2016
Introduction to VR, STRP Scene Eindhoven, October 2016
VPRO Medialab’s Meet the Makers, The Hague, September 2016
Expanded Reality Presentation, Re-Shape Tehran, June 2014