If future humans (or post-humans) ever live in completely virtual worlds, what would their lives look like? False Mirror is an open-ended, interactive, virtual reality project, which aims to explore speculative futurism and emerging forms of inhabiting virtual space-times, as post-humans.

The challenge of creating a virtual city and new life forms from the ground-up, that shape and grow over time, requires thinking through exciting untapped problems that haven’t been imagined in real life.This ongoing research project started in 2017, expanding floor upon floor to create an infinite virtual city. The result is a unique experience that uses speculative design to imagine a possible future that’s continually growing and reshaping itself.

False Mirror often manifests in form of Lecture-Performances and VR Installation

VR Installation / Performance / Lecture / Workshop

As this virtual space grows over time, False Mirror becomes available to public audience through various forms such as Installation, Performance or lecture conducted by the artists involved in the project. In addition, running workshops on basis of False Mirror helps to engage thinkers, designers and artists to contribute as a collective imagination.


Selected Exhibitions/Talks

IDFA Doclab – VR Installation and Lecture – [ Nov 2018 ] Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s University of Applied Sciences – Workshop – [ Dec 2018 ] Amsterdam

Ambulante Festival – VR Installation – [ Mar 2019 ] Mexico

A Maze Festival – VR Exhibition and Lecture – [ Apr 2019 ] Berlin

The Hmm – Presentation – [ Apr 2019 ] Amsterdam

Sensorium Festival – VR Lecture – [ Jun 2019 ] Bratislava

Mutek Montreal Festival – VR Lecture and Panel Discussion (Curated by HOLO/CreativeApplications) [ Aug 2019 ] Montreal

Unpackaging 3Package Deal – VR Lecture (VondelCS) – [ Aug 2019 ] Amsterdam

GetxoPhoto Festival – VR Lecture and Exhibition – [ Sep 2019 ] Bilbao

Het Nieuwe Instituut – Sacred Hill –  [ Jul-Sep 2019 ] Rotterdam

World Premiere at Nederlands Film Festival – Sacred Hill – [ Oct 2019 ] Utrecht

Museum Night – Sacred Hill – [Oct 2019] Amsterdam

The Overkill Festival – VR Exhibition – [Nov 2019] Enschede

Eindhoven Film Festival – VR Lecture – [Nov 2019] Eindhoven

University of Denver – VR Lecture – [ Jan 2020 ] Denver

Meta Marathon – Sacred Hill and Lecture – [May 2020] Dusseldorf


Development of the Virtual City started in January 2018 using Unreal Engine. Since then I started to record report videos every month or so to share the progress of city’s growth. (i.e. new spaces, tools and devices, body features and etc)