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May 28, 2017
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False Mirror

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    False Mirror is an Open-ended, Interactive, Virtual Reality project. Which aims to explore speculative futurism and emerging forms of inhabiting in virtual space-times as post-humans. By creating a virtual city from ground-up that shapes and grows over time. Facing the challenge of designing such city, is a practice to think through exciting new problems that haven’t been imagined in the real life. It’s a creative but yet speculative way of approaching VR and immersive media.

It’s the basement for Imagining possible futures through the speculative design of this Virtual City, and to explore alternative forms of sovereignties, governance, etc in form of a practice-led research.


I started to share “Dev Diary” video series on Youtube where I break down some aspects of the project as it gets developed in each episode. Check out this playlist :


Attributions & Credits

Targeted VR Platforms: Oculus / Vive / WMR

Powered by Unreal Engine

Based on UVRF Template

Sound Design by Tegh