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RECEPT – The Embodied Brain

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Recept is an Episodic VR Experience about exploring a Virtual Embodied mind.  by blurring the boundaries between real & unreal. Aims to deliver a hyper virtuality that re-imagines the human perception, cognition, and embodiment.


“Embodiment of Mind” suggests that the Mind and the Body and even in some extent the “External world” is embodied all together in the process of Cognition. Recept is an attempt to implement and discover the true potential of Embodied Knowledge through Virtuality which literally is our emerging form of existence.

“Recept” is a fictional corporation, constructing a collective embodied brain for humans. In order to get into Recept, users should embody with their modular post-human body which is connected to the world of Recept.

Through each episode, different complex metaphors about human phenomena will be explored.i.e  Dreaming, Perception, Data, …



Recept is being developed with Unreal engine aiming for High-end VR [Oculus/Vive/…]

More details about levels of interaction will be shared as production goes on.

The project is seeking funding to complete the first episode.



Ali Eslami – Director / Developer / Designer

Amir B. Ash – Designer / 3D Artist

Shahin Entezami – Music / Sound Design

Stefan Krische – 3D Artist

Sasha Katz – 3D Artist


Left to Right, Stefan Krische / Ali Eslami / Sasha Katz