SNOW VR, is a collaboration with fellow Tehran-born artist, Ash Koosha. The London-based composer and producer, who released his Ninja Tune debut I AKA I to critical acclaim earlier this year, he crafts mind-bending electronic music by squeezing, stretching, distorting, and moulding his own field recordings into powerful sonic movements. For SNOW VR, I transformed Koosha’s compositions into an immersive virtual-reality experience for HTC Vive. You Put the headset on and you’re instantly transported to the inner-depths of a surreal universe in which Koosha’s sonic palette forms the bedrock of this alien landscape.
In this journey, the user will have a surreal body attached to him and it reacts to specific sound objects of Music. it’s like the sound being part of the user’s body. also, the environment is a representation of sounds, so the user experiences the whole track in all aspects of their surrounding.


Todaysart Festival 2016 – The Hague [Sep 2016]
Mutek Montreal’s VR Salon – Montreal [Nov 2016]
E3 Expo (Indiecade’s Showcase) – Los Angeles [June 2017]
Lumen Prize Longlist 2017